Kin Tatsu Ryu Karate Do
Kin Tatsu Kan Karate Do
        Kin Tatsu Kan Karate Do literally translates "Golden Dragon House of Empty Handed Way."   Kin Tatsu Kan Karate Do is a curricullum of Karate formed by Master Charles Mick and his years of experience.  It is a mixture of American Karate Do, Shotokan Karate, Tang Soo Do, and lastly Hapkido.  
      Master Mick chose the Kanji of Kin Tatsu Kan as it translates to "House of the Golden Dragon."  Master Mick chose this to be the name of his curricullum as it reflects his childhood nickname given to him by his first Instructor.
         You will train in a traditional maner but you will also be free to explore the martial arts as a whole.  This style will fit to anyone that wishes to train. The training  will be molded to all those that wish to train regardless of age, physical ability, or gender.  The martial arts are for everyone to study and enjoy.  So start a lifelong journey of self improvement and self discovery by stepping into our Dojo and starting you journey today.