Master Charles Mick Jr 5th Degree Black Belt

I am currently a 5th degree black belt with 25 plus years of various martial arts training, I’ve taught classes at Olney Central College as well as camps and seminars. I was voted instructor of the year by my peers in 2013. My style of martial arts is primarily focused around self-awareness and self-defense.

Sensei Trygve Butler 3rd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Trygve Butler is the absolute defention of a Black Belt Student.  He truly works hard to improve his martial arts skill.  Martial Arts is this young Instructors favorite hobby.  Master Mick and Sensei Butler work hard and train harder together. Sensei Butler has a lifetime of experience in various martial arts he bring to his teaching.
Sensei Cathy Pate Mick 2nd Degree Black Belt
Sensei Cathy Pate Mick is one of the very first students that Master Mick trained from white belt to black belt.  Sensei Mick works hard to help behind the scenes.  She works hard as a martial artist as well.  She has a love for her karate as well as training in Tai Chi Chuan as well.  Sensei Mick will continue to Learn and grow.  She looks forward to helping all the new students that come into the Dojo.
Sempai Bethany Mendenhall 2nd Degree Black Belt
Sempai Tim Howe 2nd Degree Black Belt
Sempai Pat Allin 2nd Degree Black Belt