The Young Dragons Class 7 to 9 Years Old
      Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 7pm
This class is a martial arts prepartion class that is designed to give the younger student and graduation Lil Dragons a preparation class for the more serious Young Dragons class.  These classes are specifically designed to teach the younger kids the basics of our Karate program. These classes start to teach the children the more serious artform they will study while providing a fun way to progress.
Karate Kids Class 10 to 13 Years Old
  Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 7pm
This class is designed and taught to let the child progress at there own pace.  It’s well balanced between discipline, fun, learning, and teaching  children good study habits.  Their discipline will grow within martial arts training as well as other areas of their young lives.
Adult Karate Class 14 and Up 
Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 8:30pm
Our Karate class is a program that is designed to balance the practical against the traditional arts on techniques and making sure that they are done right.  This class will be a great physical challenge as well as mental challenge. Our classes are welcome to all that are willing to train.  You are never to old to start a new dream!